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See who's kicking ass...
FINAL OVERALL Leaderboard: (final update video & prizes coming soon)
1.) Viddyoze ($5,000?) (Sealing the deal...awesome work guys.)

2.) Sam Bakker ($2,500?) (Impressive performance as always.)

3.) Ben Murray ($1,000?)
(ALMOST caught Sam!)

4.) Todd Gross ($500?) (Thanks for your support Todd!)

5.) Anthony Clark ($250?) (Rounding out the top 5, thanks!)

6.) Matt Bush

7.) Max Rylski

8.) Jimmy Kim

9.) Han Fan & Josh Zamora

10.) Cyril & Abhi

Just outside the top 10: Maulana Malik, John Gibb & Mo Miah, Mark Mason, Precious Ngwu, Anthony Aires, Tony Earp, David Salyer, Wendy C, Jimmy Mancini, Cham, Zombie Productions, Amanda Craven, Kayte Lee, John Zakaria, Ken Reno, Paul Inglis, Firas Alameh, Alex Weber, Kim Udell, James Knight, Anthony Devine, Ray Lane and many many more!
Day 1 Most Sales:
1.) Ben Murray (WON $500)
2.) Sam Bakker (WON $200)
3.) Viddyoze (WON $100)
Bounty Hunter Prizes - Phase 1:
1.) Catch Ben Murray by Wed - June 22nd @ 7pm EST:
> $750 Bounty Awarded to: Sam Bakker

2.) Catch Sam Bakker by Wed - June 22nd @ 7pm EST:
> $500 Bounty Awarded to: Viddyoze
Day 2 Most Sales:
1.) Viddyoze (WON $500)
2.) Todd Gross (WON $200)
3.) Anthony Clark (WON $100)
Bounty Hunter Prizes - Phase 2: (NEW!)
1.) Catch Matt Bush by FRI - June 24th @ 7pm EST:
> $250 Bounty Awarded to: Anthony Clark

2.) Catch Todd Gross by FRI - June 24th @ 7pm EST:
> $500 Bounty Awarded to: Not reached
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Toonvidio Launch Dates
Save the below dates on your calendar, get ready for the biggest launch of 2016 and qualify for awesome prizes and commissions.
Post-launch: Toonvidio Unlimited Plan will cost between $297-$697/year.
Promote the launch and help your customers save while you profit BIG!
Cart Opens:
Tuesday, June 21st (11AM EST)
Launch Ends:
Sunday, June 26th (11:59PM EST)
The cart will close on June 26th -- Important!
FE Marketplace Links:

OTO Marketplace Links:
https://www.jvzoo. com/affiliates/info/219271
https://www.jvzoo. com/affiliates/info/219299
https://www.jvzoo. com/affiliates/info/219301
https://www.jvzoo. com/affiliates/info/219303
Early Bird Details & Pricing Strategy:
Be sure to base your promo around the early bird and the daily price increases.
Urgency will be massive throughout the duration of the launch so use that to your advantage!
Day 1:
Premier - Lite:
> Live @ 11am EST @ $37 (81% OFF)
> Increases @ 3pm EST to $39.95 (79% OFF)
> Increases @ 11:59pm EST to $47 (76% OFF)
Premier - Pro:
> Live @ 11am EST @ $47 (84% OFF)
> Increases @ 3pm EST to $49.95 (83% OFF)
> Increases @ 11:59pm EST to $57 (80% OFF)
Day 2:
Premier - Lite:
> Dimesale Increases @ .01 every 5 sales towards $57 

Premier - Pro:
> Price is $49.95 (83% OFF) - updated
Day 3:
Premier - Lite:
> Continued Dimesale Increases @ .01 every 5 sales towards $57

Premier - Pro:
> Price is $49.95 (83% OFF) - updated
Day 4:
Premier - Lite:
> Continued Dimesale Increases @ .01 every 5 sales towards $57

Premier - Pro:
> Price is $49.95 (83% OFF) - updated
Day 5:
Premier - Lite:
> Continued Dimesale Increases @ .01 every 5 sales towards $57

Premier - Pro:
> Price is $49.95 (83% OFF) - updated
Day 6:
Premier - Lite:
> Continued Dimesale Increases @ .01 every 5 sales towards $57
> Increases to $67 @ 11:59pm EST

Premier - Pro:
> Increases to $97 @ 11:59pm EST
The Product
A Software That Creates Premium 2D & 3D Animated Videos In Minutes! (and a lot more...)
What Is Toonvidio?
Review Access Ready On: Mon - June 10th.
Get On the JV List To Get Your Review Access When It's Ready!
Toonvidio truly is a game changing software that creates 2D AND 3D animated videos while eliminating the need to have several different software to create AND edit blockbuster animated marketing videos for your business.
Here's What Makes It The BEST
Video Creation Software Available, ANYWHERE...

Premium 3D Animated Videos

NO! NOT just intros or logos. Choose from a wide library of 3D characters & objects and animate them in your video however you want. Or, turn yourself into a 3D character and star in your own video!

Thousands of 2D & 3D Video Assets

If you want to make a video about it, chances are we have the characters, objects and detailed backgrounds that will let you do it in minutes. And it's growing every week!

Viral Video Meme Creation

Capitalize on the biggest trend on Facebook and other social networks. Turn ANY video into a viral video meme that brings targeted traffic by the truckload.

Powerful Video Editing Suite

Forget creating animations in one software then needing to finish your edits in another. Now you can do it all AND MORE with Toonvidio.

2D Animated Explainer Videos

Stop pulling your hair out with other restrictive video creators. Now you can create the exact explainer video of your dreams with our built in templates OR by scratch!

Animated Video Previews for Email

Sky rocket click thrus and email list response by taking your videos into your emails. Convert any video into an animated "video teaser" that can be used in email, your website...or anywhere you want.

Kinetic Typography Videos

Easily and effortlessly crank out blockbuster video sales letters that sell your products OR create them for clients and charge hundreds or thousands.

Complete Control w/ NO Restrictive Templates

Tired of trying to design your video around restrictive slide templates that only let you put your text and objects in one place? Forget about it! With Toonvidio you can simply put stuff where you want it.
Hey...This Is A BIG Deal:
NEW! A real-time feedback-gathering intelligence that reveals how happy, sad or bored viewer's feel while watching the videos created within the software!
Avoid the guesswork and slash video advertising expenses by measuring your video's ACTUAL effectiveness. 

See in real-time what people really FEEL while watching your video and how engaged they are - without assumptions!
The Sales Funnel
You Earn 50% Commission on Entire Funnel... And Recurring Commissions!
Engineered To Deliver Maximum Value For Customers
While Breaking All Your Commission Records...
And Here's A Few More Reasons
This Launch Is Going to CRUSH It For You...

Instant + Recurring 50% Commissions

No-one likes waiting. You'll be paid the instant a sale is made. Turn those early commissions into a night on the town with your buddies, and by the time you get home you'll have made even more...and in a year as well because we offer recurring too :)

Premium Copywriting And Design

The copywriter hired for this launch has 16-year experience and $100 MILLION in sales track record. Regarding conversions, we've got you covered using the same principles that helped us nail 18.21% total FE conversions, $12.21 funnel EPC on vooPlayer launch on August 2015 (Go look it up on JVzoo)

Swipes And Banners Ready To Send

You're not just getting kick-ass sales copy...we've also produced a full set of swipe e-mails you can pick up and use. So you don't need to be in the country, you don't even need to be awake... 
...Just copy, paste and send.

Blank-Link Retargeting

We'll be running retargeting ads with blank links right through the launch... which means not only will your visitors be sucked back to the sales page with extreme prejudice, they'll still have your affiliate cookie when they buy.

Crushing Webinars... All Launch Long

Nothing converts like a webinar, and Peter will be running them right through the launch. When your leads see Toonvidio in action, they'll hit the buy button harder than a left jab knockout punch in a Conor McGregor title fight.
And On Top Of That... There's Over $8,750 In JV Prizes
That Want To Call Your Paypal Account "Home" ;)
All you need to do to qualify for a prize is to earn at least as much in commission. But with a product this hot and a funnel this deep, you'll fly past that level in no time.
Put This Date In Your Calendar Now: Tuesday - June 21st @ 11am EST
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We make sure to BLOW UP our JV partners leaderboard... We’re that pair of MAD crazy super affiliates that you need in your corner to crush your next launch!
Affiliate Banners
Email Swipes:
Here are a few emails with different angles. We recommend NOT using these emails "word for word", but rather that you use them as inspiration to craft your own campaigns for maximum results!
For your convenience, these bonuses will automatically added to your customer's account under the "BONUSES" section.
Bonus #1:
Video Marketing Cheat Sheet
All the tools and equipment I use to create my videos! Everything from software, cameras, lighting, secret resources and more!
Bonus #2:
60+ Stock Video Backgrounds
Over 60 Professional Quality Scenery and Motion Video Backgrounds to set your marketing videos apart from the competition. Use these in your sales videos, upsell videos, product launch videos and more!
Bonus #3:
100+ Background Music Tracks
Over 100 Professional Quality Royalty Free Background Music Tracks that you can use to enhance your marketing videos!
Bonus #4:
Tube Empire Revelations
How You Can Make $200-$400/Month from YouTube Videos in Any Niche Starting This Month! Learn How to Monetize any YouTube Channel and Bank 10x More Than Typical Youtubers.
We Look Forward to Crushing This With You!
Launch Date:
Tues - June 21st @ 11am EST
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Affiliate Terms and Conditions
Please always adhere to these FTC guidelines when promoting our products and services.

You must agree to our affiliate agreement before promoting Toonvidio

In addition, you must not use the following promotional methods if approved for this affiliate program.
Doing so may result in you being terminated from the affiliate program and forfeiting any outstanding commissions.

1. Sending Spam or using safe lists any kind.
2. Offering cash rebates to people who buy through your affiliate link.
3. Using negative words such as 'scam' in promotional campaign.
4. Please do not misrepresent our product/offer and follow any endorsement rules and regulations that are applicable.
5. Using cookie stuffing. If you do, you will not get paid any commissions.
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